Friday, August 9, 2013

A Little History..

I started this clothing idea a year ago this month and it is unbelievable how fast this idea turned into a business! You want to know a secret too? I started sewing for the first time December 2010... I got a sewing machine as a Christmas gift that year, I've never touched one before either!! It became my passion though! I taught myself, via youtube vids, tutorials, reading my machine manuals. I started doing repurposing ideas.. I would take women's skirts and turn them into kid's dresses or taking a man's shirt and making a dress for my daughter out of it or a shirt for my son Alex.. I started my own blog "That's Sew Repurposed", which I have abandoned for time being, but had so much fun learning!

First dress I ever made! lol!

 I then started designing and started to learn how to draft my own patterns. Believe me though, there was a ton of Trial and Error. lol! Sewing isn't something you can learn overnight but it is definitely something that gets easier to learn. Sewing gave me a creative outlet, that I was desperately needing while raising at the time 2 kids under the age of 2. It was also something I could get my kids involved in since it was only them I was making clothes for at the time!  Here's some pics of some outfits I made them: 

I then got a serger for my Golden birthday August 25th 2011. That machine is amazing!! Just saying! lol! It looks super intimidating but it really is quite easy. When I got it, I brought it over to a sweet lady and a veteran quilt makers house, who was so patient with me. She taught me how to thread it and how to use the tensions and it was amazing! Now I was excited cause I was able to make actual finished products!! I was sewing every day and learning something new everyday! I then wanted to start selling! I decided to do a craft show for a local festival! It went great I made like $400.00! Which completely boosted my confidence and I decided I really wanted to start selling online!  I then met a good friend Nikki who was a photographer and had taken pictures of my children and my family! I was talking to her and came up with an idea to do a photoshoot! So I had my first photoshoot!! :) It was so much fun! And it started my business on etsy!

Then it just started growing like weeds (pretty weeds at that) lol!! Now I make a variety of outfits and I've been steady with orders! I just finished a Ball Gown for a Quinceanera party and I did a prom dress and now I'm working on Bridesmaid dresses! So I can not believe the distance I've traveled in the Sewing world as much as I have this year! I feel so blessed and honored! I now have some awesome partners who help me and encourage me! I love Sewing and love creating clothes, did I think I would be doing this 10 years ago.. No! not at all! But Life is surprising! And it is possible learn new things later in life and be good at those things! Thank you to all the models and photographers that have helped showcase my items!!  Also A huge thank you to all my friends and family for your encouragements and especially my husband for believing in me and making this as important to you as it is for me! Love you babe! I can not wait for what is in store yet. Thank you for indulging me and for your support! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Featured Item for August!!

The Chevron to the Maxi Dress

 The featured item for August is my best seller, the Chevron to the Maxi Dress!!
This item is modeled by Karsyn! 
Pattern by: Violette Field Threads
Fabric choice: Riley Blake Cotton Chevron Collection
This dress comes in many color options including: Pink, Aqua, Navy, Yellow, Red, Gray, Black, Orange, Green, etc.
There is also an option for adding additional ruffles to the bottom!
For this Month only get this dress 10% off with coupon code: AugFeature
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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Alexza Clothing has A BLOG!

So excited to start Alexza Clothing's very own blog! Here I will showcase items, Give Model shout outs, Host Giveaways, and share specials!! Alexza clothing was started be me (Tara) in 2012. I have a passion for sewing, designing and creating clothes. I range from children's clothes to adult plus sizes. I love creating pieces that are over the top! I can use popular patterns or design my own. I pride myself in using quality fabrics. All Alexza Clothing items are finished with serged or hidden seams. I focus on the details of each item so that it comes out with great quality.